We are very lucky to be farming here in Devon with the rich soil producing such lush green grass for our animals to eat. All of our animals are slow grown & out-door reared in small groups which means they have very happy & relaxed lives which in turn means they produce the best tasting meat.

Aberdeen Angus

Here on Partridge farm we have our very own herd of Aberdeen Angus Cattle. We have 1 pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull called Woodington – Top Gun from the Woodington herd in Witheridge & 26 breeding Aberdeen Angus cows. All our cattle are entirely grass fed, traditional shaped Angus. The reason we decided to keep Angus is that they do very well being fed purely on grass. Aberdeen Angus has been bred over many centuries to ensure great eating. The beef has a perfect balance of fat and lean with the essential “marbling” of fine threads of fat interwoven with the lean to ensure tenderness, succulence and flavour.

Oxford Down & Lleyn Sheep

We chose Oxford down sheep for the quality of the lamb and size of carcass, and Lleyns for good hardy sheep which produce good lambs and do very well outside all year. The Oxford Down is well covered with wool of close texture, good length and of fine quality. They have a ‘top-knot’ and produce firm, lean mutton of excellent quality. The Oxford Down breed originated in the 1830’s when Cotswold ram was crossed with the Hampshire Down & Southdown Ewes. The breed stabilised over the 1880’s and as many of the early flocks were centred around Oxfordshire the breed was named the Oxford Down. Lleyn sheep originate from the Lleyn peninsula in Wales and until recently were a relatively unfamiliar breed of sheep in the UK.

Large Black

Here on Partridge Farm we have a Large Black pedigree boar, four pedigree sows and a few large black x saddleback sows. The only completely black British pig, Large Blacks originated in the West Country and are known for thriving in the great outdoors. Docile and friendly, they are known for their enormous floppy ears which often make it difficult for them to see!

Here on Partridge Farm we have 1 pedigree Large Black boar and 4 pedigree Rare Breed Large Black sows & 4 large Black X Saddleback sows. Did you know, Large Black breed of pigs was once common in the West Country? Sadly today there are fewer than 300 breeding sows left in the world, which makes them rarer than the Giant Panda! By breeding Large Black pigs for meat we are not only helping to keep this breed for future generations but producing tasty, succulent meat with the BEST flavour!!

Happy animals

The Cattle are brought into the barns to be overwintered. They are bedded down using straw which has come from the Barley we harvest in the Summer & are fed hay which we also make from the beautiful lush grass we cut in the Summer. The Sheep only come into the barns to lamb and again eat our own hay. The pigs spend most of their lioves outside rooting around on grass and in and around our orchard during the Autumn months. They only come inside when the weather is just too wet or cold.