Here’s some feedback from our wonderful customers …

I can truthfully say it was the best steak I have ever eaten. It was tender, moist and full of flavour without being too strong . My husband ( who , unlike me, will eat supermarket meat ) was eating a piece of fillet steak and your steak ( rump) was not only more tender, it was juicier and even my husband had to admit was a much much better meat.fed my parents roast shoulder of lamb ( Partridge Farm, ) and they have now asked that I buy your meat instead of their normal meat . Two more converts, still working on my husband. Regards Jaine.

Dear Hannah I thought I would let you know that the fillet of beef I bought from you just before Christmas was probably the best fillet I have ever tasted.So, thank you – I have no doubt that I will be contacting you again. I hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year. Andrew Robertson

Hi Hannah Our architect loved the bacon – his comments – “it tastes really bacon-ey” and we really liked the merguez. When we lived in Le Lot we used to buy from an artisan butcher and yours taste just the same as those. Fantastic. Looking forward to the chorizo now. Kind regards, Allyson.

Hi There We brought a whole beef fillet from you at Cotehole.Just wanted to let you know it was superb, best beef we have had in a long time. I cooked it whole, and it was wonderful, the whole fillet would have fed 12 !Many thanks I shall buy beef from you again Sally Martin

Here are some kind comments customers have left on our Facebook page …

“Steak is a treat in our house. Sometimes it’s a nice piece picked up at the supermarket, or a nicer piece from the high street butcher. Well not anymore. As a treat it really is a treat from Partridge Farm Meats.”

“Tonight’s steak was mouth watering, tender and perfectly cooked thanks to the recipe card that came with the sirloin steaks. Thoroughly recommend ordering from them I certainly will be again.”

“Delicious piece of topside, thank you, Partridge Farm Meats x”

“Slow roasted beef from partridge farm for Sunday lunch, totally amazing!”